Friday, September 26, 2003

Russian Circus

So this evening we went to the circus. For me it was a mighty long time ago, I think I was about 8 and went with my parents. For Jola, it was a little bit shorter ago. In my memory the circus was much bigger then, but I also could have grown.
Was it nice? Yes, but also too short.
So what did we see?
Of course, some acrobats. And as I already foresaw I, Jan, was drawn out of the public to perform together with the clown, some magicians and some wild animals. Highlight for Jola and me were the motorbikers. They drove around in a very small, iron globe at a very high speed. They started with only one, which was already impressive, but they ended driving with four of them in this small globe (scary). Here, some action.

So again we had a nice evening, although it was too short and not as big as I imagined.

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