Thursday, August 21, 2003

GPRS working on P800

What a story. Tried everything yesterday to get GPRS working on my p800, but nothing worked. Today called with Debitel again and their GPRS helpdesk would help me further. After one hour I received a call that my p800 was not supported by Vodafone Live where yesterday they said it was supported.
I, friendly, asked to test it themselves with a p800 and this guy promised he would do so and call me back.
Four hours later still no reaction. But since I really want it to work I went to the Sony Ericsson website where they have a WAP-configurator. Filling in the fields and selecting GPRS for it, made them send an SMS to me with the right settings, and guess what? It works and I'm a happy man again.

Only thing is that it took more effort of me than expected and that I thank SonyEricsson for their help on the website (in contrary to Debitel). Although putting it into a wap-configurator i.s.o. a GPRS configurator was some puzzle for me.

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